Visit New Echota for FREE on Feb. 11

Located in Calhoun off I-75/Exit 317 is New Echota Cherokee Capital State Historic Site. New Echota was the capitol of the Cherokee Nation from 1825 until the forced removal of the Cherokees in the 1830s. Abandoned for over 100 years, New Echota now serves as an important landmark and testimony to the rich history of the Cherokee people, including their persecution.

New Echota is also the site of the first Cherokee newspaper: The Cherokee Phoenix. The newspaper, printed half in English and half in Cherokee, was the first of its kind. Its editor, Elias Boudinot, gave the newspaper its name as a symbol of renewal, for the mythical bird that rose to new life from ashes of fire.

February 11 is “Super Museum Sunday” and New Echota will be open with FREE admission! Currently, New Echota is open Wednesday – Saturday; however starting April 1, New Echota will be open Tuesday – Sunday. We are excited visitors will have more opportunities to experience this important place. Click here for more information on New Echota.

Check out this great video created by Craig Miller Productions!

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