It’s National Tourism Week!


Times have changed, but one thing has stayed remarkably the same ~ the travel industry’s unique emphasis on welcoming visitors from near and far, which has helped position travel and tourism as an economic power.

Nationwide, the travel industry is a top-10 employer in 49 states and the District of Columbia. International travel is our country’s No. 2 export. One in nine Americans depend on travel to and within the U.S. for their employment—and it’s not just those directly working in the travel industry, either: overall, travel supports 15.6 million jobs and is a $2.4 trillion U.S. industry.

Travel is powerful for cities and states, and Calhoun, Georgia is no exception. In 2016, tourism resulted in the following economic impact on Calhoun/Gordon County: $49.21 million in expenditures, $9.81 million in payroll, 470 individuals employed, $2.03 million in state tax receipts and $1.35 million in local tax receipts. All numbers increased from 2015.

Did you know 84 percent of travel and travel-related businesses are small businesses? This certainly rings true for our community with popular attractions like The ROCK Garden, Copper Creek Farm, the Harris Arts Center and Calhoun’s GEM Theatre. Local boutiques and restaurants are also favorite stops.

That’s why it’s so important to keep welcoming visitors to our community—and why we are highlighting “Travel Then and Now” during National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) 2018, May 6-12. We encourage you to join us and celebrate all that travel does for Calhoun/Gordon County, Georgia, and for our country as a whole. Visit our local attractions, restaurants, and shops and share your fun on social media with #ExploreGordon.

We look forward to seeing you discover all Calhoun/Gordon County has to offer!


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