Battle of Resaca Reenactment: 5/19-20

The first major battle of the Atlanta Campaign was fought around the tiny village of Resaca on May 14-15, 1864. Gen. Joseph E. Johnston’s Confederate army of 55,000 soldiers had fallen back from Dalton and occupied the strong defensive fortifications around the town. In hot pursuit and now directly facing them across the breastworks was… Continue reading Battle of Resaca Reenactment: 5/19-20

Sunflowers and Summer Fun at Copper Creek Farm

This summer, add a pop of color to your table with a bouquet of the quintessential seasonal flower: the sunflower! Sunflowers are a recognized symbol of happiness, brightening the landscape throughout the summer and fall. Copper Creek Farm invites you to come out for some family fun while gathering sunflowers for yourself or loved ones… Continue reading Sunflowers and Summer Fun at Copper Creek Farm